Detailed Directions for Administering the Weekly Reading Test
Grade 3

Begin by reviewing the sounds and words in the vocabulary word boxes on the paper one time for the students - then say something similar to what is written here:

"For our weekly reading test, I am going to use Definition Clues to describe the words in the box.  See if you can figure out the word I am talking about and write it in the correct space.  Some of these are a little bit "tricky" so listen carefully. Words for numbers 1 through 7 will come from the first box,  8-14 will come from the 2nd box, 15-21 from the 3rd box and 22-28 from last box on the far right."  

Begin by thinking of a Definition Clue for a word in the first box.  For example, you could say - "Number 1 - This word is something that someone does when they are sleepy - What is it?"   Give students about 30 seconds to find and write the word, then say the word for those students who were unable to find it with a Definition Clue.  You'll be surprised at how much students enjoy this "riddle" test-taking strategy.  Continue the Definition Clues with the remaining words, if you can't think of a Definition Clue - you can use an antonym, synonym or just simply call out the word (which is a recognition memory procedure).   After finishing number 28, have students turn over their paper and call out a difficult word from the previous week's lesson for them to spell.  Then have students turn their papers back to the front and write a sentence with a word of your choosing in the space at the bottom of the paper.  Upon completion, you can have the students correct their own papers (as a group activity) or grade them on your own and pass them back.   For our TampaRead's members, we will soon be able to give the test for you using the latest streaming video technology.  Simply click the TEST button and we'll take over from there.